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Marco Guastavigna

Bari, 5 - 6 - 7 july 2006

inLearning and teachingh using mind and concept maps


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Integrative informations

Italian resources about search engines




About concept mapping



Sofware for mind mapping



Italian sitebibliography



My web papers (generally in italian)




English concept mapping bibliography



Tony Buzan site (mind mapping)


Freemind (opensource software for mind mapping)


Webbrain (dynamic mapping search engine) (only for windows)


Course documentation


My site


Cmap servers 


Faq after the course


- How can I send a local CMap to other user?


A local map is a file in the folder recognizable from Edit (in View window)/Preferences/General/Root folder for my cmaps the extension cmap; you have to attach this file in a mail. Other user will put the file in her root folder for my cmaps before opening the program. If you receive a map from other Cmap user, you have to put the file in your root folder  before opening the program


- How I can import a web page?

  1. Select  “Add web address” in File Menu of the View window;
  2. compile the box
  3. Drag and drop the resource on the relative concept

- How can I insert the title - the focus question - of the CMap?

You have to make a "disguised" concept with the Styles palette (Ctrl+T of Format/Styles in the map window), modifying the properties of the Font, Object, Line - p.e. Font: Bold/Red; Object: Color/No Fill; Line: Color/No Fill